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  • A portal to the future of real estate investment.

    The first vertical tokenization platform in Europe which specializes in real estate

    End-to-end service enables the structure, issuance and management of tokenized securities

    Connects funds, owners and developers to retail and institutional investors

    Fully functional: Launch your digital asset within weeks

    BrickGate, powered by BrickMark, forms the portal between the traditional and the future, enabling the easy tokenization and digitization of real-world properties to the blockchain.

    BrickMark developed BrickGate to manage and structure its own tokenization projects, and has now opened up the platform to third parties in order to facilitate a tokenization-as-a-service (TaaS) solution.

    It is the first vertical tokenization platform specializing in real estate assets, integrating a fully compliant end-to-end service for structuring, issuance and management of tokenized securities.

    It connects funds, owners and developers on the supply side, to retail and institutional investors on the distribution side, via exchanges, trading facilities and custody solutions.

    Launch your digital asset within weeks

    Wrap your real estate asset within a digital security

    Benefit from TaaS solutions or run your own system on-site

    Reuse proven processes and components (FINMA, BAFIN, FMA)

    Manage multiple tokens on different blockchains through one integrated platform

    Manage the entire life-cycle of your project

    Configure your specific requirements and link to preferred third-party services

    Seamlessly implement your business process to connect to existing backend systems

    Benefit from a highly structured and scalable architecture


    Stay up-to-date