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    Real Estate

    As a global pioneer and recognized leader in the tokenization of real estate assets we provide universal access to the world’s largest asset class in a digital, secure and efficient way.

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    The BrickMark Difference

    Real estate is the world’s largest asset class, with an estimated value of $240 trillion – over three times the value of the global stock market, at $72 trillion. However, less than 7% of the world’s real estate is currently liquid or tradeable on public exchanges. We help to unlock these values and provide access and liquidity to investors worldwide

    Benefits of
    Tokenization for
    Property Owners

    Crowd financing

    Crowd financing of new real estate projects (debt or equity)

    Recycling equity

    Recycling equity from existing properties by selling minority stakes


    Provide liquidity and transferability within your properties


    Digital management of your securities

    Benefits of
    Tokenization for

    Global access

    Mobile access to prime properties worldwide

    Reduced fees

    Elimination of intermediaries -> lower cost

    Low bar of entry

    Low minimum investments


    Fraud mitigation via ‘smart contracts’

    Speed gains

    Substantial time and cost saving

    Always online

    24/7 liquidity through access to secondary markets

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