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  • An example of how this all comes together with BrickMark and BrickGate in the real world

    Developer A is constructing a €200m high-end hotel and leisure complex, which includes a number of exclusive apartments for individual sale.

    Using BrickGate the developer can easily tokenize the project value via the following process: firstly structuring the underlying assets into special purpose vehicles (or SPVs), then creating suitable securities based on these (shares or bonds), and finally adding a smart contract to control and map these securities.

    This would ultimately create a fixed number of security tokens to represent the hotel and leisure aspect of the development, along with unique NFTs to represent each of the independently offered apartments.

    These assets could then be sold via a security token offering through BrickGate and/or third party exchanges, and further traded on secondary markets. In many jurisdictions the distribution of asset-backed or security tokens need the approval by the regulators for public distribution or the listing on a regulated exchange or trading facility. In the EU, Switzerland, the U.K. or the United States a prospectus is needed and needs to be filed with the national regulator. Legal advice in each jurisdiction is highly advised . 

    Ongoing management of any specific token utility or rights is maintained through the BrickGate platform.


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